Simple 5 Gallon Mead Recipe

Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is made from water and fermented honey. Non-alcoholic mead also exists.

What is Mead?

Step 1: Gathering Equipment

The most important piece: a 6 gallon fermenter or carboy. If you have a traditional carboy, that’s excellent; most people choose a plastic bucket with an airlock lid.

Step 2: Preparing Your Ingredients

– 13-15 pounds (5.8-6.8 kg) honey – 4-5 gallons of water – 1 package of yeast, such as champagne yeast, Lalvin D-7 yeast, or similar – 2 teaspoons yeast nutrient/energizer

Additional Ingredients

Yeast nutrients or yeast energizers Acids – these include tannic, malic, and tartaric and are use to reduce the level of pH in the mead, thereby enhancing the flavor Pectin enzymes – used to reduce the haziness of mead

Step 3: Primary Fermentation

How much alcohol you get at the end of the brewing process is directly related to how much honey (sugar) you use. If you want a dryer mead, use less honey.

Optional: Warming The Honey

This helps with fermentation by liquefying any crystals of sugar in the honey. To do so: Submerge your containers of honey in warm water.

Step 3.5: The Waiting Game

This will go on for about 1-2 weeks. Give the fermenter a shake once in a while—nothing too crazy.

Step 4: Secondary Fermentation

Some mead brewers will keep their mead in the secondary fermenter for about 7-8 months in a dark, cool place before bottling.

Step 5: Bottling Your 5 Gallon Mead Recipe

To bottle your mead, you will need tubing, a bottle filler, and an auto-siphon. If you already homebrew beer, then this step should be familiar.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Mead!

Give it a try or make your own and let us know how it goes!