How Many Ounces Are in a Pitcher of Beer

Mini Pitcher

The most common size of a mini pitcher is around 30-32oz.  When you convert 32oz, you get 946.35mL of beer.

48oz pitcher

The vessel will hold around 1,419.53mL of beer, or roughly 1.4L or 4 glasses, 12 ounces each.

60oz pitcher

A 60oz pitcher produces the most servings of beer, either 5 or 6 servings, depending on the size of your glass.

How many ounces is a plastic pitcher?

Plastic pitchers come in the same sizes as the standard glass or stainless steel pitcher. You will find plastic pitchers that are 32 oz, 48 oz, 60 oz, and larger.

There are other beer vessels that are larger than your standard 12-ounce bottle but less imposing than a 60oz pitcher. Steins, tankards, and even Viking drinking horns can be an excellent break from the norm—and help satisfy those beer cravings.