Ginger Ale vs Sprite: Which Tastes Better?

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: September 16, 2021

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One of the ultimate clashes in the world of carbonated beverages is ginger ale vs Sprite. For many reasons, people find themselves reaching for a crisp soda throughout the day, and there’s always the choice between these two. Even when it comes to asking for a mixed alcoholic drink at the bar, you will find no shortage of spirits that mix well with either ginger ale or Sprite.

How do the flavors compare? Does one taste better than the other? You’re about to find out.

What is Ginger Ale?

Ginger ale, as we discussed in a previous article about ginger ale benefits, can either be made with artificial ginger flavoring or real spice. Many brands of ginger ale exist, though the most well-known brands in the US include Canada Dry and Schweppes. Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale is another competitor that is far more healthy than major brands, because it contains real ginger, not chemicals.

Ginger ale is heralded as an elixir for upset stomachs, headaches, and other common pains. No doubt, many people will remember feeling ill during their school days and a parent or guardian cracking open a can of ginger ale.

The carbonated beverage can be spicy, sweet, or dry, depending on the manufacturer. If you want real ginger ale, be sure to look for brands that have ginger listed right in the ingredients.

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What is Sprite?

Time for a little background information on Sprite, a drink produced by the Coca-Cola Company. Sprite was originally produced in Germany in 1959. The first brand name was Clear Lemon Fanta, but when it arrived in the US during the 1960s, it was relabeled as Sprite.

Original Sprite is colorless and tastes like lemon-lime. It’s meant to be a direct competitor with 7UP, another lemon-lime soda.

Sprite is less carbonated than some other sodas out there, and depending on where you purchase Sprite, it might even contain less sugar. France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK all reformulated Sprite to use stevia or sugar-free alternatives. That said, a 12 oz can of Sprite has 33 grams of sugar.

Ginger Ale vs Sprite: Which Tastes Better_Sound Brewery

What’s About Ginger Ale vs Sprite Ginger?

Sprite Ginger was released in 2020 as a limited batch. Though you can still find Sprite Ginger online on Amazon, there is no telling when it’s going to disappear or be produced again. Now, here’s the question everyone was asking when Sprite Ginger arrived on the supermarket shelves: Does it taste like ginger ale?

No. Whether you sip Sprite Ginger or Sprite Ginger Zero, you are still going to get the traditional lemon-lime flavor of Sprite with a pinch of ginger.

So, it’s kind of like mixing Canada Dry ginger ale and regular Sprite together but not quite.

That also means that the ginger in Sprite Ginger isn’t real but a natural flavoring, so if you’re hoping to chug Sprite Ginger during a stomach ache, don’t expect much help with the pain.

Ginger Ale vs Sprite: Which is Best for Mixed Drinks?

Adding soda to alcohol can become a habit. Soon, we forget the options available to us, especially when brands like Sprite start introducing enticing blends, like Sprite Ginger.

But when you have to choose between ginger ale vs Sprite, which one is going to go better with gin? Vodka? What about whiskey? Time to find out.

List of alcohol to mix with Ginger Ale or Sprite:

  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Tequila
  • Rum


As a spirit with citrus and floral botanical scents that can be easily bruised, you want something mellow. To that effect, gin and ginger ale are the perfect combination. You won’t get the same amount of smoothness as you would mixing gin together with Sprite, though it would taste a little like a cheap gin and tonic with lime.

See for yourself when you back a gin buck. Add together ginger soda, some high quality gin, and squeeze of fresh lemon to a Collins glass. Stir gently to blend then enjoy.


Outside of a Moscow Mule, vodka has a knack for blending together with citrus flavors, like those found in Sprite. There are hundreds of drinks out there that mix Sprite and vodka together, including flavored vodka spritzers and fruity cocktails. Sprite also plays nice with other elements of vodka-based drinks, primarily anything light and juicy or minty.

Why not give a summery drink called the Citrus Splash a try? You can opt for plain vodka, but flavored varieties work well too. Mix vodka, grapefruit juice, and Sprite together in a highball glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint.


Whether you got whiskey, bourbon, or scotch available, there is no denying that ginger ale (and ginger beer) is a match made in heaven. You have drinks like the Presbyterian and the Horse’s Neck, for instance. But Sprite is also a contestant here. A Jameson, Sprite, and Lime cocktail is simple yet highly delicious. Why does the duo work? Because you get a touch of sweet lime and spice that dances on the tongue. Add in some rum, and it will taste like cream soda.


It’s almost natural to find people pairing silver tequila with Sprite in an attempt to make low-key margaritas. The effervescence and lemon-lime flavor somehow balance the syrupy of the soda when mixed with tequila. You’ll be surprised that it actually tastes good.

But what about tequila with ginger ale? Choose a tequila reposado, and you’ll create something full of vanilla, oak, and bubbles that is hard to put down. Or you could make a less spicy version of a Mexican Mule.


So far, whiskey and tequila both blend well with either ginger ale or Sprite. But what about rum? Serving up rum and ginger ale is surprisingly refreshing and light. The rum highlights the subtle tang of ginger, and the spice accents the sweetness of the alcohol.

Rum and Sprite, on the other hand, is an acquired taste. You’ll find many variations of Captain and Sprite online, but few are successful or rated well. Here’s an idea: Why not try regular rum with Sprite Ginger? You might stumble upon something out of this world!

Wrapping Up

Ginger ale vs Sprite is a debate for the ages, especially when you like the flavor of one over the other. Fortunately, whether you choose ginger ale or Sprite, there are tons of options out there for consumption. You can mix either soda with any kind of spirit and get a delicious result.

Ginger ale or Sprite. Which one is your favorite?