TOP 6 Beers IF YOU HAVE Gout

* purine-free

Kirin Zeroichi

Rich and hoppy in flavor but without alcohol or purines. This beer is made from soybeans rather than hops and barely.

Suntory All-Free

A very light beer than is heavily carbonated. It’s more like soda or seltzer than beer. Non-alcoholic and purine-free. Unlike most Japanese brands, All-Free can be purchased in some establishments in the US. Amazon may carry it as well.

Sapporo Umamishibori

This one actually tastes like beer, despite having zero purines and zero alcohol.

Asahi Dry Zero Free

Looking for zero carbs, zero alcohol, zero gluten and zero purines? This beer tastes more like a shandy and is great in the summertime. This is one beer that you can have shipped to you from Amazon and eBay.

Athletic Brewing Co. Beer

These non-alcoholic brews are low-calorie, non-GMO, and contain little yeast.

Kingfisher Ultra 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

An Indian brand that produces an ultra-filtered 0% alcohol beer that is light and airy.