How to Tornado a Beer – About The Tornado Beer Chug

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: January 7, 2022

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There is going to come a time in your life where you are faced with a choice: do you sink the beer when everyone chants “chug” or not? Chugging beers might not seem like a skill you need to master, but it comes in handy when you least expect it. If you’re really looking to impress your friends and family, you might want to learn how to tornado a beer.

The tornado beer chug is one way to make beer vanish in mere seconds like a magic trick. Cool, right?

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About the Tornado Chug

You’ve heard of the strawpedo method of chugging. What about the twister, vortex, or tornado style? In 2019, a Chinese man became a sensation on Twitter for his unique drinking style. Liu Shichao, a farmer from Hebei, dubbed himself the “inventor of the ‘tornado’,” a beer-chugging style. Plus, you have to admit that his method of removing the bottle cap is pretty epic.

Here is a video about the man who made tornado chugging an internet sensation:

Liu Shichao is a hero to all those who love chugging beer or trying out fun ways to neck a brew. Just look at his form!

Tornado Beer Chug Tutorial

Thankfully, Liu posted a short how-to online for people to make their own attempts at his drinking style:

Want to know how to tornado a beer? As per the Tweet from Liu, tornado or vortex your beer as such:

  1. First take a sip of the beer to make some space for air.
  2. Swirl the beer bottle clockwise or counterclockwise. Don’t shake the bottle back and forth.
  3. Tip your head back and open your throat.
  4. Take big gulps as the beer swirls down the bottle.

Do note that you can’t do the vortex beer chug with a can or even a mug. The bottle has to have a long enough neck to create the suction of centripetal force that draws the liquid down through the tornado.

Breaking Down The Vortex Beer Chug

Basically, the tornado beer chug uses the same principles of the water bottle vortex everyone learns about in school. You know, the one that looks like this:

Now you know why there are so many names for it, such as the vorteke, vortex chug, twister chug, and tornado chug.

Obviously, the tornado beer chug is a bit harder to accomplish than it looks. If you do a bit of a search on Youtube, you’ll find plenty of people struggling with this method. But here is one tutorial that nails the motion you need to get the beer spinning the right way (just ignore the way he licks the bottle):

To break it down here are the steps to tornado a beer:

  1. Lift the beer bottle to your lips as if you were taking a normal swig.
  2. Seal your lips around the mouth of the bottle so you don’t spray yourself with beer.
  3. As you start to tilt your head back, you draw a circle in the air with the bottle in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion.
  4. Let the beer pour!

Help! I’m Drowning

One last thing we need to mention before you try to tornado a beer on your own—the breath. A mistake a lot of people make with chugging is fighting the pour. By tilting your head back and opening your throat, you can make the action a lot quicker for yourself.

Don’t try to take gulps, and don’t try to breathe. Take a deep breath through the nose in the same motion as tipping your head back. It can be a lot to think about when you’re trying to learn how to tornado a beer, so break it down. Start with an empty bottle and work your way from vortexing water to attempting it with a real beer.

Tornado’ing a Beer – Not just for chugging guys!

Become a Chugging Champion

Not everyone can be like Liu Shichao, who is amazingly talented at chugging beers, but you can practice. Now that you know how to tornado a beer, the next step is trying it. Who knows? You might succeed the first time around. Once you have the trick down, you can start showing off your skills.

How To Tornado A Beer – FAQs

How do you make a tornado in a bottle?

Making a tornado in a bottle is easy, and you can easily entertain yourself and kids with this trick. All you need is a tall bottle, preferably one with a neck. Water bottles, beer bottles, and also soda bottles work.

Fill the bottle ¾ full. If you’re doing this as a science experiment, add a squirt of dish soap and some glitter or food coloring to make the vortex easier to see. Be sure to seal the bottle tightly before moving the bottle in a circular motion. The faster you go, the stronger the centripetal forces that make the tornado.

Stop the circular motion and watch the swirl.

How do you open your throat to chug a beer?

Opening your throat to chug a beer is all about the angle and relaxation. Basically, you are pouring the beer down your throat to get it to your stomach faster, so you don’t have to worry about tasting it—that’s not the goal. Instead, take a deep breath, tip your head back, and open your mouth. Practice first with water. Start by practicing the motion of upending a bottle and taking large gulps only when your mouth is full. From there, you can aim to gulp less and less until the water runs down your throat.

How do you whirlwind a drink?

To whirlwind a beer is the same as creating a tornado in the bottle. To whirlwind a drink, you make a circular motion with the bottle as you lift your head back into the chugging position and open your throat. The whirlwind inside the bottle accelerates the liquid and sends it down your throat faster than a normal chug.

How do you make a torpedo beer?

When someone says to torpedo a beer, they are referring to strawpedoing, which is like shotgunning for containers that can’t be punctured. Then, insert a straw into the bottle and bend it around the mouth of the bottle. When you bring the bottle to your lips, the contents drain more quickly because of the air rushing in through the straw, allowing you to chug it with ease.