How Much Champagne to Get Drunk?

Champagne Alcohol Content

The ABV of traditional champagne ranges between 11-13%. On average, one serving of champagne is around 12.2% ABV. That puts it in between white wine (11.5% ABV) and red wine (12.5% ABV).

One serving size of champagne is around 150 ml, which is equal to 1.4 standard drinks. If you have two drinks, you have actually consumed closer to 3 servings. A single 750 ml bottle contains about 7.1 standard drinks.

What does that translate to in terms of drunkenness? Two drinks for someone under 250 pounds (113 kg). If you are around 100-120 pounds (45-54 kg), it’s more like one and a half glasses of champagne.

What you have eaten Age Gender Physical condition Rate of consumption What medications you are on Family history Race

Factors Determining Intoxication

How much champagne to get drunk? Oh, about two glasses of bubbly should do it. That will put you over the legal amount of 0.08 BAC.