How Much Pink Whitney You Need To Get Drunk?

Based solely on the 30% ABV present in Pink Whitney, it takes the average person around 6 shots to get drunk. Comparatively, regular unflavored vodka requires only 4-5 shots to become intoxicated.

Factors That Affect Your Drunkenness

– Sugar Content – Alcohol Content Per Shot – Age & Gender – Body Weight – Alcohol Tolerance – Method of Consumption

Although there is only 6.6 g of sugar in a single shot of Pink Whitney, you may be tempted to have more than 1 serving of this drink. That means you could end up consuming 20-30 g of sugar before you are done.

Do not let the pink coloring fool you. Pink Whitney is not a weak beverage. Yes, Pink Whitney has less alcohol than normal vodka, which runs around 40% ABV. Still, it does have 30% ABV (60 proof), meaning that most of what you are drinking is pure alcohol. Pink Whitney will catch up with you in about 6 shots.

If you are drinking a round of Pink Whitney slowly, savoring the flavor, you will probably feel far less drunk than someone who took 4 shots in 10 minutes.