Why Couldn’t Coors Be Sold East Of The Mississippi?

Illegal Bootlegging History

As a result of the film “Smokey And The Bandit” which starred Burt Reynolds and Sally Field Coors has something of a reputation for historically being illegal in various parts of America.

Coors was not sold east of the Mississippi because these states did not issue alcohol permits. Also, Coors often did not pursue them due to how 1970s Coors was an unpasteurized beer.

Due to how quickly unpasteurized beers like Coors spoil, they will inevitably require much constant refrigeration.

Coors initially only distributed their beer to locations within a short distance and opted to not sell east of Mississippi.

in the states to the east of the Mississippi. However, as a result of various factors, Coors was  not distributed within these areas.

Coors  wasn’t illegal

 The film “Smokey And The Bandit” also contributed to this reputation because Coors bootlegging is a major plot point of the  film.