Jack Daniel’s Bottle Sizes and Prices

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: August 27, 2022

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Throughout the years that Jack Daniels has been a prominent brand for whiskey, the bottles they release have come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Alongside the changes in Jack Daniel’s bottle sizes, there are also understandable price changes. If you love Jack Daniel’s whiskey as much as many other people do, you might want all the necessary information about bottle sizes and their relative prices. Thankfully, you need only scroll down to find it.

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whiskey bottle sizes and prices

Jack Daniels Bottle Price List

This Tennessee whiskey company has been around for ages. While their best-selling product is the standard black label bottle of Jack Daniels, they have tried to offer a lot of variety and excitement over the years with releases of new and interesting flavors.

Jack Daniel, real name Jasper Newton Daniel, made the first batch of this whiskey a long time ago and since then the recipe has only slightly changed. However, the initial recipe that Jack Daniel worked on is used for a special product known as old No. 7. Any bottle of Jack Daniel’s that is not the standard one is going to cost more as they are made with extra work involved and it can be hard to keep track of all the pricing and flavors, alongside all the Jack Daniel’s bottle sizes that they offer.

FlavorBottle SizePrices ($)
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Whiskey50ml
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire750ml
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple750ml
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey50ml
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey50ml
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select750ml$38.99
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye750ml$44.99
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select1L$139.99
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Winter Jack750ml$16.99

As you can see, each bottle differs in price but not by too much. While Jack Daniels is a staple brand across the globe, the price point is never unreasonably expensive. For the quality of the drink, this pricing is arguably very fair. While the more premium flavors and bottles cost more, the majority of the flavors are similar in price to your standard whiskey, if not only a tad more expensive.

jack daniels old no 7 tennessee whiskey

The Jack Daniel’s Flavors

Modern companies can sometimes cause confusion when they name flavors. Some flavor names can make sense such as ‘vanilla’ or ‘strawberry cheesecake’ however, some companies can have rather questionable flavor titles that are of no indication of what they taste like. Thankfully, Jack Daniel’s whiskey is pretty clear and to the point with a lot of their names. However, just to clear up any confusion I will list the flavors above and describe what they are.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee Whiskey is the flagship product for this company and is their best seller by a long shot. Despite being the more popular product, it is not the finest. With that being said, this does not mean that Tennessee Whiskey is bad in any way. It is an affordable, flavorsome, and delicious whiskey that can be drunk for any occasion. The flavors are mostly oak with some hints of vanilla. This whiskey is harsh yet delicious and is commonly mixed with coke for a smoother experience for people who are not fond of drinking it straight. Although, there are other whiskies to mix with coke.

The Jack Daniel’s Sour Mash titling on the front is only alluding to the mash used, not the flavor. It uses a mash made from an older mash that has been soured. Similar to how sourdough bread uses the aged dough from previous bread.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

The Tennessee Honey flavor is the best of both worlds for people who like sweetness, and harsh whiskey. While it may sound mean, I meant that in the best possible way. The sharp flavor of Jack Daniel’s with the relieving sweetness of honey as an aftertaste is a win-win for many people.

The flavoring is not artificial as actual honey is used to make this bottle. For anyone with a sweet tooth who likes to drink Jack Daniel’s products, this is for you.

Jack Daniels Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennesee Fire

If the burning mouth sensation of normal Jack Daniel’s wasn’t enough, then Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is certainly worth a try. For the most part, this is the same as the standard bottle of Jack. However, there is a huge twist as cinnamon is thrown into the mix to create a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy flavor. Instead of going too far with the spice as most companies do, Tennessee Fire is tasty as well as spicy. Your mouth will burn, but it will taste so good that you can’t complain.

Jack Daniel’s Tennesee Apple

The Tennessee Apple flavor is not as weird as it may sound. While fruity flavors are more common among wines and ciders, the Jack Daniels company pulls it off well. The tart fruitiness of the apple juice is oddly enjoyable amongst the oak and char notes that the whiskey standardly has.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Whiskey

The Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Whiskey is arguably the most famous whiskey there is. Some people argue that it is bourbon or not a bourbon but what really matters is that it is delicious. The main premise behind this Jack Daniel’s product is that it uses the exact same recipe that Jack Daniel’s distillery used when Jack Daniel himself was making whiskey.

This initial recipe was loved by many but has changed over the years. To recreate Jack Daniel’s bottles using the initial formula is a brilliant idea and has led to a delicious and successful whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

The Single Barrel Select is a really interesting whiskey as it is created in a unique way. The term single barrel is used to show that the whiskey is blended in a singular barrel instead of having done so in a multitude of barrels. Whiskey can develop flavors all on its own and sometimes a barrel can be found with a very unique and brilliant flavor.

When this happens, the barrel is bottled and sold as a ‘single barrel select’. Each different batch will be unique and unlike any other batch, but they are not so different that there is a need to title them individually. With each new batch, the whiskey is bottled and sold as a single barrel select.

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey

Gentleman Jack uses the same sour mash formula as the Old No. 7, however, the only real difference is that it is filtered twice through hard sugar maple charcoal. The filtering process will remove any harshness and impurities from the drink, which creates a ridiculously smooth whiskey that is more drinkable than ever imagined. The flavors are amazing as well, there are notes of brown sugar, oak, char, and vanilla.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

The Single Barrel Rye is similar to the single barrel select with the main difference being that the mash used has a different recipe. This rye whiskey is made using a formula of 70% rye mash. Despite being a different flavor from a successful whiskey company, the single barrel rye actually has a higher percentage of rye than most dedicated rye whiskey companies.

The rye whiskey has a lighter flavor than the standard Tennessee Whiskey and is less powerful. This means that the taste lingers for less time in your mouth and that the aftertaste is very subtle.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

The Sinatra Select gets its namesake from the famous musician Frank Sinatra. He was allegedly the ‘biggest fan’ of Jack Daniels at the time and was also rumored to be buried with a bottle of Old No. 7 in his coffin. For this limited edition whiskey, the distillers adapted the aging barrels and have them deep grooves in the stoves so that the whiskey would be more exposed to the wood. This helps impart a richer and bolder flavor.

The oak and char notes mixed with vanilla are amplified by the extra exposure to the wooden cask and the Frank Sinatra Select is bottled at 45% ABV, as it was the original bottle strength when Frank was drinking Jack Daniel’s regularly.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Winter Jack

The Tennessee Winter Jack is a seasonal whiskey apple punch that is a blend of warm spices and Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. This bottle is unique as it is meant to be served warm and is seasonal, more often consumed in winter as implied by its name.

The flavors are complex and delicious as there are notes of apple pies, vanilla, cinnamon, and the toasted oak flavors of standard Jack. When heated, Winter Jack creates an addictive aroma that is warm and has hints of apple cider and orange peels.

Jack Daniel’s Alternatives

While Jack Daniel’s is the most famous brand for American whiskey, it is certainly not the cheapest. The prices are fair and affordable but still, no one would call them cheap. If you are looking to save some money but still enjoy flavorful and brilliantly crafted whiskey; then you will be looking for an alternative.

There are a lot of competitors on the market for all alcohol companies. One of Jack Daniel’s most notable competitors is Jim Beam. This warm bourbon comes in both bourbon and rye and is a great substitute on a budget. The average bottle of Jim Beam is going to be around 10 dollars cheaper than the Jack Daniels counterpart per liter.

jack daniels old no 7 tennessee honey bottle

FAQs On Jack Daniel’s Bottle Sizes and Prices

What are the sizes of the Jack Daniel’s bottles?

The major of Jack Daniel’s flavors will vary in bottle sizes from 50ml-1.75L. They are bottled at regular increments and you should be able to find a bottle size that suits your occasion.

How tall is a 750 ml Jack Daniel’s bottle?

The average Jack Daniel’s bottle is around 150 inches tall. Depending on the volume of the bottle, this will vary a lot.

What are the sizes of whiskey bottles?

Whiskey bottles are typically sold with a volume of 100ml, 300ml, 750ml, and 1L. Some companies will sell different-sized bottles or will have more size options available than others.

What’s the biggest size bottle of Jack Daniels?

One of the biggest Jack Daniel’s bottle sizes that are commonly sold is the 1.75-liter bottle. Although, sometimes there are promotional or special edition bottles that are 3 liters.

How much is a 750ml bottle of Jack Daniels?

The 750ml bottle of Jack Daniels is sold for around $20 depending on where you buy it and how much the taxes are in your state. The price will also vary a lot if the bottle is a special edition or a special flavor of Jack.