How Many Shots Of Whiskey to Get Drunk?


The average shot is 35 ml so it will take you around four or five shots of whiskey for you to get drunk.

Women have a rather different alcohol metabolism than men which can lead to them getting more drunk from the same amount of alcohol.

Alcohol Tolerance Variables


Natural Tolerance

As every person is different – some people can have different tolerance for alcohol compared to someone similar to them.  This is just as natural as someone being more or less tolerant of another thing such as allergens.

The larger you are, whether tall or bigger, means you will have more blood and you will not get drunk as quickly.

Body Weight

Eating Habits

There is an incredibly popular piece of advice - you should ‘not start drinking on an empty stomach’. 


Being low on sleep and feeling tired can magnify the side effects of being drunk.

How quickly does whiskey get you drunk?

Alcohol will be absorbed in around 30 minutes so if you drink all 5 shots in half an hour, you will get drunk.