Is it Coozie or Koozie or Cozy?

Is it ok to call it a Beer Cozy?

So is it ok to call it a beer cozy? Hell yes! Call it what you want my cold beer loving friend!

Is it ok to call it a Beer Koozie?

Yes! As long as you’re not profiting from calling it a Koozie! The guys at Scribe Opco Inc might have something to say about you launching a new range of “Beer Can Koozies!” Sat in your rustic man cave, chilling with a beer in your favorite beer koozie you’re the boss – so call it what you want!

– Cuzzi – Cuzzie – Cosy (for them Brits!) – Cozy – Coozy – Coolies (weird) – Cozies – Kozie – Kozies – and more!

How to spell Koozie / Coozie / Cozy spelling?

Scribe Opco Inc. might own the rights to the name “Koozie” but it appears they weren’t the original Trademark owner! 

Who invented the Koozie?