Is it Coozie or Koozie or Cozy – Mystery SOLVED

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: April 10, 2021

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Going back a little while I was actually looking at making and selling beer bottle Koozies – or at least that’s what I knew them as! I was looking at a stainless steel version like the guys at Bottle Keeper make. Of course, beer koozies, or coozies for any drink come in a bunch of different materials, shapes and sizes. Stainless steel, Neoprene, even lined leather.

But the material they’re made of is the least confusing thing about Coozies / Koozies / Cozies!

This thread from Etsy Seller Support from somebody who was accused of Trademark infringement is pretty telling!

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Is Koozie Trademarked?

Yes! The term “Koozie” is trademarked. I’m not a trademark lawyer, and I know next to nothing about trademarks – but you can see on the USPTO website (trademark website) that the term “Koozie” is trademarked by SCRIBE OPCO, INC.

So much in the same way everyone refers to a “vacuum cleaner” as a “Hoover” – Koozie has become a defacto standard terminology for something that you use to keep your beer or drink cool by wrapping it in some form of insulation.

What actually is a Koozie / Coozie / Cozy?

So it’s fair to say that Koozies / Coozies / Cozies are basically one of a few things:

  • Drinks coolers
  • Drinks insulators
  • Beer coolers
  • Beer insulators
  • Bottle insulators
  • Can coolers
  • Can insulators
  • Deer jacket
  • Drink huggie
  • etc. etc.

Is it ok to call it a Beer Cozy?

I think this comes from the idea that you can get a “tea cozy” which is designed to keep your teapot warm (insulated). So is it ok to call it a beer cozy? Hell yes! Call it what you want my cold beer loving friend!

Coozie or Koozie or Cozy

Is it ok to call it a Beer Koozie?

Yes! As long as you’re not profiting from calling it a Koozie! The guys at Scribe Opco Inc might have something to say about you launching a new range of “Beer Can Koozies!”

Sat in your rustic man cave, chilling with a beer in your favorite beer koozie you’re the boss – so call it what you want!

How to spell Koozie / Coozie / Cozy spelling?

If you’re looking for the trademarked spelling it’s “Koozie” but you can go rogue and spell it how you want!

We’ve seen it spelled:

  • Cuzzi
  • Cuzzie
  • Cosy (for them Brits!)
  • Cozy
  • Coozy
  • Coolies (weird)
  • Cozies
  • Kozie
  • Kozies
  • and more!

Who invented the Koozie?

Scribe Opco Inc. might own the rights to the name “Koozie” but it appears they weren’t the original Trademark owner! Neither does it appear that they invented the concept of keeping your beer, can, bottle or drink cool by wrapping it in insulation.

You have to go back to the 80’s when the koozie was first popularised.

Apparently a lady called Bonnie McGough was the first to file a patent for the humble “insulated drink cozy”

You can even see the original patent drawings on Google Patents! Which is pretty awesome – check it out here

So… thank you Bonnie!

Coozie or Koozie

The guys at Bottle Keeper appear to have a registered trademark for the term “BottleKeeper” – not quite as catchy as “Koozie” and I can’t imagine in catching on or replacing “Koozie” as the standard language.