The Definitive Yeast Free Alcohol List

Beers, Spirits & More

Traditionally, vodka is brewed from rye grain. Once the rye has been mashed, yeast is added. By the time the vodka is bottled, all of the yeast has been removed.


Regardless of this alcohol’s potency, tequila is also pretty healthy. Blanco tequila is distilled after fermentation, removing any remaining trace of yeast. 

Blanco Tequila


Gin is also free and clear—literally—of any yeast, due to the filtration process.

Whiskey  has been distilled prior to bottling. Plus, the gluten present is less than 20 ppm.

Irish Whiskey

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon also has a low amount of gluten present (way less than 20 ppm).


Jagermeister is considered a schnapps, as is Underberg. If you want to try the American liqueur version, go with DeKuyper, Dr. McGillicuddy, or Hiram Walker.

Yeast is used to add flavor and color and alcohol to wine. However, since wine is run through a filtration process, the yeast gets removed from the liquid.



Cognac is a kind of brandy that is made by double distilling white wine with a copper pot still.