7 Best Jack Daniel’s Flavors: Updated

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: August 27, 2022

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If you are even the slightest bit familiar with brands of alcohol, then you should have at least heard of Jack Daniels. This Tennessee whiskey company is a staple in every liquor store and bar. Of course, this is for good reason. Jack Daniels is not at all overrated, it is a delicious whiskey that can be drunk neat or with a mixer. Yet, if you are drinking it neat, you will be excited to hear that there are many different flavors for you to try.

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Best Jack Daniel's Flavors

The Jack Daniel’s Flavors

While it may be impossible to get bored of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, there is nothing wrong with trying new flavors. Thankfully for you, the Jack Daniel distillery has some exciting and interesting flavors for you to try. Whether you’re in the mood for some heat or some honey, you’ll easily find a new favorite flavor to order.

Gentleman Jack

Starting off with a more sophisticated yet subtle choice, gentleman jack is a double-mellowed whiskey that has gone through a different process at the final steps in its production to give it a defining character and finish.

Gentleman jack is mellowed in special oak barrels that have deeper grooves for more flavor and character to be shared with the whiskey. On top of this, the whiskey also passes through a very unique charcoal mellowing process, which is why it tastes so different and stands out from all the rest.

This premium Tennessee whiskey has a high-quality taste and crisp texture, and you can expect to find flavors such as caramel, oak, and also banana. The aftertaste will remind you of toasted spice and leave you feeling satisfied and equally refreshed.

Tennessee Fire

As you might be able to guess from the name, Tennessee fire has a fair bit of heat. While whiskey naturally causes a burning sensation, Jack Daniel’s decided to up the ante by making a spiced variant of their iconic Tennessee whiskey.

Whenever a company attempts to create a product that is spicy, it can typically go one of two ways. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, it is all spice and no flavor – leaving you with a burning mouth and underwhelmed tastebuds. However, Tennessee fire is part of the other group. While there is spice (and a good amount of it) there is also a lot of flavor and complexity of tastes.

The whiskey is fronted mostly by cinnamon, which brings a sweet flavor to the overall spicy drink. There will also be notes of butter and brown sugar to help round the drink out and create a more well-balanced flavor. Although they are subtle, vanilla beans are also a key component in this drink as they add so much flavor to the background of the drink that helps create its overarching depth.

Tennessee Apple

If you are in the market for something a bit more fruity and bright, then Tennessee apple is the choice for you. This whiskey used the sweetness of apples as the main flavoring ingredient. The refreshing fruitiness mixed with the dark, oak flavor of the standard Jack Daniel’s is a surprisingly nice combination.

Despite being mixed with a contrasting flavor, the original whiskey still shines through and is amplified by the sweetness that the apple liqueur brings. As for texture, the whiskey is incredibly smooth. It is not much of a shot whiskey, such as the Tennessee fire, but is instead best used as a sipping whiskey.

The gentle sweetness of this whiskey can be sipped peacefully or can be used to make a delightfully refreshing cocktail. While the apple cider liqueur is fruity and delicious, it is not overwhelmingly sweet where all other flavors are ruined by it. If you want to sip it instead of using it for cocktails, maybe try the Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails selection instead.

Single Barrel

Single barrel Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey is quite the mouthful to say, but when you experience how premium and perfected this whiskey is, you’ll see exactly why it has earned such a title.

The single barrel selection is the signature taste of Jack Daniels with even more flavor. While the standard bottle of Jack is delicious and warm, it has not aged too much. Aging makes whiskey develop even more of a flavor and takes away most impurities and any harshness you might taste.

The single barrel bottles have been aged for a minimum of 5 years which is why they taste so good. It is the original formula for Jack Daniels but has been given the time to mature and develop gracefully into something far tastier.

Old No. 7

While the name of this bottle may sound catchy, it actually has a nice meaning behind it as well. The ‘old’ in the title is in reference to the recipe used being the exact same one that was first used by Jack Daniel when the company was first established and started production.

The recipe has had some changes since then and tastes quite different, so being able to buy a bottle of the original vision is very nice and exciting just for the history alone. Needless to say, it tastes brilliant and has a sweet taste of honey as well as mint and toasted oak.

Not only are the ingredients all equally mouth-watering, but the whiskey is also dripped through sugar maple charcoal and aged in a premium barrel that has been perfectly crafted and flavored. This drink is the liquid embodiment of luxury and will have you smiling from ear to ear with just one sip.

Tennessee Rye

The famous whiskey is usually made by using barley malt as a key ingredient, to switch things up the company released a bottle of Tennessee rye which uses a different grain. While this may not seem like a huge change for a lot of people, this single ingredient is what gives whiskey the flavor that is so adored.

Swapping barley for rye changes the flavor a lot more than you think it would. There is no hint of spice when rye is used and instead there is more of a chance for the fruity flavors to shine through and become the main attraction. This whiskey has a strong banana taste and hints of butterscotch, making it incredibly unique and different from all the competition.

Tennessee Honey

If the Jack apple flavor is not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, then you may be wanting to try something a bit more sugary. Tennessee honey, commonly referred to as honey Jack, is a sweet and deliciously strong whiskey that is arguably the most popular Jack Daniel’s flavor yet.

The whiskey uses real honey as an ingredient instead of an artificial flavoring and blends it with cinnamon and vanilla. When pairing this with the spiced oak flavor of the original jack, you are in for a treat. The flavors complement each other so well and there is such a natural balance between all of the flavors, it really is one of the best things to come from Jack Daniel’s distillery.

Special Mentions

While I have listed the best flavors that are always available to purchase, the Jack Daniels company has previously released some special bottles as a limited edition or event campaign. Using water from Cave Spring Hollow, Jack Daniels has also released some other very memorable bottles such as the ‘Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select’ and the seasonal ‘winter Jack’. While seasonal whiskey may not be something you ever thought of, Jack Daniels made it and it turned out delicious.

Best Jack Daniels Flavors

FAQs On Jack Daniel’s Flavors

What Jack Daniels flavor is the best?

Tennessee honey is regarded as the most popular, while old No. 7 is considered the most luxurious. There is no way to tell which is the best, yet Jack Daniels has a flavor for everyone ranging from spicy to sweet, and all the way to a premium and perfected choice for anyone looking to splash out.

What is the new flavor of Jack Daniels?

While there is no new flavor of Jack Daniels, the most recently released bottle was the Coy Hill High Proof. This was a special release whiskey that is the highest proof bottle from Jack Daniels ever.

What flavors of Jack Daniels is there?

There are many flavors of Jack Daniels such as Fire, Honey, Apple, Winter, and more. These all have different flavors that can be enjoyed by anyone.

What is the new Jack Daniels Flavor?

The newest Jack Daniels flavor is the Coy Hill High Proof. This whiskey is a special release and is the highest proof bottle of whiskey Jack Daniels has produced to this date.