More Beers Like Hoegaarden – Beers Similar to Hoegaarden

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: July 13, 2021

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The name sounds kind of funny, but Hoegaarden is a contender. It’s a multi-faceted beer with way too much flavor to be considered a macro lager. At the same time, it’s mass produced like one. Hoegaarden is a Belgian witbier, which is not related to a wheat beer but white beers. In other words, Hoegaarden is crafted with 50 percent unmalted wheat and is bottled with a little bit of milky haze.

If you love Hoegaarden beer, you probably are on the lookout for other beers like it. Or maybe you can’t acquire Hoegaarden easily where you live.

You’re in the right place!

More Beers Like Hoegaarden – Beers Similar to Hoegaarden

Here is a list of beers like Hoegaarden:

  • Allagash White
  • Brouwerij de Brabandere Wittekerke
  • St. Bernardus Wit
  • Duvel Moortgat Vedett Extra White
  • Brasserie d’Orval Orval Beer
  • Saison Dupont

Allagash White – 5.2% ABV

A Belgian-style wheat beer by Allagash Brewing Company in Maine, US. Allagash White is made with malted wheat, raw wheat, and some oats to craft the haziness of a quintessential witbier. You also get a flavorful blend of orange peel, coriander, and a foamy white head that goes down smooth.

If you find that you can purchase Allagash White in your region, another reputable alternative is Blue Moon. Both Blue Moon and Allagash White are considered to be beers similar to Hoegaarden in taste, body, and appearance.

Brouwerij de Brabandere Wittekerke – 5.0% ABV

Wittekerke, which means “White Church,” is named after a Belgian sitcom about a fictional Flemish town. However, there is nothing fake about this traditionally brewed witbier. Serve it cold and you’ll get a spectrum of flavors, full aromas, and a crisp finish that is perfect for summertime. There is a bit of bitterness from hops, too.

St. Bernardus Wit – 5.5% ABV

Another classically brewed witbier from Belgium, this unfiltered brew packs a punch. It was made as a collaboration with the legendary brewer Pierre Celis, who was responsible for promoting white beers during the 1960s. Without Celis, you might have never gotten a chance to drink Hoegaarden! So check out this classic cloudy white beer and taste history.

Duvel Moortgat Vedett Extra White – 4.7% ABV

This one might be difficult for readers in the US to find, but Vedett is available through the EU and UK. This delicious white beer is slightly pale and cloudy; it pours with an herbal aroma that is rich but not overpowering. The characteristic coriander hovers in the background while you enjoy a mild but slightly sour taste.

Brasserie d’Orval Orval Beer – 6.2% ABV

People call Orval beer by Orval Brewery a marvel. A phenomenon. A true drinking experience that will blow you out of the water—and it’s slightly more boozy than you’d expect. Since launching in the 1930s, the recipe for Orval has yet to change. You get a warmth from sugar and hops and all kinds of malts combining for a real delicious beer.

Saison Dupont – 6.5% ABV

While this isn’t a witbier but a blond saison that is considered a must-have by Belgian beer enthusiasts. The beer is coppery and has an exquisite aroma. There is a crisp citrus flavor that is accented by the sweetness of the malts. You might also taste some pepper, clove, and citrus mixed in.

Love Hoegaarden but want to try something different?

There are many beers like Hoegaarden out there. You just need to know what to look for. Yet, finding an alternative really comes down to what you like and the flavors you are looking for. If you enjoy the citrus and coriander of Hoegaarden, you might decide to stick with other witbiers. Otherwise, there are citrusy ales and Saisons to slake your thirst!

More Beers Like Hoegaarden – Beers Similar to Hoegaarden

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leffe like Hoegaarden?

Yes and no. It really depends on what you like. Leffe and Hoegaarden are both Belgian style beers, so they have a similar yeast profile. However, Hoegaarden is a witbier (white beer) and has notes of citrus and coriander. Meanwhile, Leffe is a Belgian Blonde and is more mellow and light. Both beers are delicious and respectable in their own right, so you could appreciate them individually.

Is Hoegaarden a strong beer?

This depends on your definition of a strong beer. Some people might mean that a strong beer has a lot of alcohol. In that case, no, Hoegaarden is not that strong. With an ABV of 4.9%, it is stronger than Bud Light (4.2% ABV) but also weaker than regular Budweiser (5.0%). If you consider a strong beer something healthy and beneficial to drink, then yes, Hoegaarden is a strong beer, because it is rich in probiotic microbes due to being packaged unfiltered.

Is Hoegaarden a Hefeweizen?

While a hefeweizen is a form of weiss beer, or white beer in German, Hoegaarden is done in a Belgian witbier style. Both hefeweizens and witbiers use at least 50 percent wheat in the brew. Witbiers and hefeweizen beers also come out hazy. However, they diverge at the yeast strains used (Belgian vs. Bavarian strains) and also the flavor notes that appear. A hefeweizen is going to almost always taste of banana and clove, whereas a witbier will have more citrus and coriander. So, since Hoegaarden is made with Belgian yeast, it is considered a witbier, not a hefeweizen.