Is Etensel beer real – Etensel beer Guadeloupe

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: March 26, 2021
Is Etensel beer real_Sound Brewery

Wanting to get your hands on some Etensel beer? Jumping on the next flight to paradise?

I’ll save you the trouble!

In the BBC series Death In Paradise – this fictional beer pops up and evidently piqued a lot of interest.

Beer connoisseurs scouring the world to taste every beer on every continent were left with this mouth-wateringly popular tease. But don’t worry, even though you can’t try the Etensel, here are several beers from Guadeloupe that you should be trying instead (to make up for the disappointment!)

Best Guadeloupe beers

List of beers coming soon!

Is Etensel beer real_Sound Brewery