Is Etensel beer real – Etensel beer Guadeloupe

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: March 26, 2021

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Wanting to get your hands on some Etensel beer? Jumping on the next flight to paradise?

I’ll save you the trouble!

In the BBC series Death In Paradise – this fictional beer pops up and evidently piqued a lot of interest.

Beer connoisseurs scouring the world to taste every beer on every continent were left with this mouth-wateringly popular tease. But don’t worry, even though you can’t try the Etensel, here are several beers from Guadeloupe that you should be trying instead (to make up for the disappointment!)

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Forget Etensel Beer! Here are The Best Real Guadaloupe Beers

You may not be able to get your hands on Etensel. However, Guadeloupe and the Caribbean are home to a whole host of different beers for you to try. Here are some the Guadaloupe’s most popular breweries along with some of their most loved drinks:

Les Bières de la Lézarde

One of the most prolific breweries/brewpubs on Guadaloupe with a range of ten beers available. They have dark lager, pale ale and Belgium style ale drinks in their repertoire.

However, their most popular and highly rated line is their selection of blonde ales. Of these, Lézarde Gingembre is the stand out choice. Whilst it has a ginger flavour, to consider it a simple ginger beer would be a misnomer. Instead of being made from ginger, here the favour is from infusion.

Gwada (Les Brasseurs de Guadeloupe)

Gwada produces a similarly wide variety of beer to Lézarde. As such their popularity and reputation are just as widely known. They produce a Czech style pilsner and Caribbean Lager. However, the company’s most popular and most lauded beer is their double bock rhum. This beer is double fermented and dark in colour with a taste and aroma of rum. This is due to the second fermentation taking place in old agricultural rum barrels. 

LéKouz Bières

Despite lacking the variety of Gwada or Lézarde, this is a popular brand on the island and abroad. LéKouz does produce brown and blonde ales. Their most popular line of beverages though is their array of Belgian style white ales.

The most popular of which being their LéKouz Blanche Citron Vert. This ale is more akin to that of European brewed wheat beers than more traditional Caribbean beer. However, its fruity and zesty lime taste makes for an incredibly refreshing beer.

Brasserie du Corsaire – COFRIGO

This may be one of the smaller brands of the island. However, many consider Corsaire the unofficial beer of Guadaloupe. It is considered to be the quintessential blonde ale by many due to its very light, crisp and refreshing taste. However, this is not to say that Corsaire is an alcoholically weak beverage by any measure. With an abv of 5.4%, it is actually more potent than beers such as Coors Light or Budweiser.

Brasserie Artisinale de Deshaies

This is another smaller brewery on the island with a focused range of three beverages. These beers include their golden ale and Belgian style white ale. Their most popular is the rhum beer Karett Au Rhum Vieux. Unlike Gwada’s double bock rhum, Karett Au Rhum Vieux is a blonde ale that is infused with an old Guadaloupe rum taste. The result is a beverage that is lighter in colour. Additionally, it has a warming taste that is sweet and malty with delicate hints of rum.

Real Etensel beer

Fictional Beers Aside From Etensel

Etensel is a fictional beer. However, it is not the only one to exist (or should that be “not exist”?). In pop culture, fictional drinks including beers are a common staple of many fictional stories.

Some of these beverages will occasionally pierce the fourth wall and become real products. However, these are often made as limited editions. Examples of fictional beer include:

Duff Beer

Perhaps the most iconic fictional beer in television is Duff Beer. This beverage is immensely popular in the fictional world of The Simpsons with many of the recurring characters who drink it frequently.

Duff originates as a fictional beer. However, real Duff beer exists, most prominently at Universal Studios Florida where it is sold in real-world replicas of locations from the show such as Moe’s tavern.

Buzz Beer

This drink originates from The Drew Carrey show and was made by the titular character and his friends in his garage. Buzz Beer within the world of the show was made from a brewed combination of beer and coffee and was related to many a storyline during the series.


A fictional German beer that appears in the fourth and fifth installments of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games. This like the many other fictional products in the games is often used as satire to their real-world equivalents. In Pißwasser’s case, it is parodying the “Corona Beer contains urine” controversy from the late eighties along with the popularity of German beers.

Pawtucket Patriot Ale

The local brewery and ale of choice for the characters of the show Family Guy. Pawtucket Patriot Ale is named after the town of Quahog’s hero Pawtucket Pat. Additionally, main character Peter Griffin both works at the brewery and regularly drinks beer.