Get Jupiler beer in the USA and Canada – Jupiler Belgian Beer

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: April 5, 2021

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If you’re a commercial beer lover in the USA or Canada, you’ll be jealous of your European cousins who seem to have a plethora off beers, lagers, pils, ales and more at their doorsteps!

Not a stranger to a Belgian beer myself, Jupiler beer, available in both 5,5% ABV and 0,0% ABV (Alcohol free) are both beers I’ve had the pleasure of ticking off the international beer list.

Jupiler 0,0% being a favourite amongst pregnant members of the family from time to time.

Is Jupiler beer available in the USA?

I have great news. Yes, you can get your hands on some Belgian Jupiler beer in the USA. It’s available on worldwide delivery from a few places across the globe, but I’ve had most luck with the Belgian Shop.

Belgian Jupiler beer is available to purchase in a few different configurations:

  • Standard can (330ml / 12 oz)
  • Belgian Bottle (375ml / 12.7 oz)
  • 5 Liter and 6 Liter Keg
  • Tall Boy (500ml / 16 oz)
  • by the case!

You can buy all of these goodies from The Belgian Shop

Is Jupiler beer available in Canada?

Once again, great news you can get your hands on a range of Jupiler beer from the comfort of your Canadian armchair! I’ve not had Jupiler delivered to Canada, but it’s available for worldwide delivery from The Belgian Shop.

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