Best Keto-Friendly, Low Carb Beers That Taste Good

by Dane Wilson | Last Updated: October 28, 2020

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Between the holidays, summertime barbecues, and every other event where sugar abounds, you might find yourself reaching for a beer that will break your keto diet. But here is some good news, even when you are going bunless and swapping in vegetable noodles for pasta, you do not have to give up beer.

A typical serving of beer usually has 14 grams of carbohydrates. Thankfully, there are plenty of light beers out there that claim to be low carb, but there are some “light” beers that are rather high in carbohydrates. Others are thin, watery, and do not provide much satisfaction.

Instead of you wasting time on finding a great keto-friendly beer, we’ve done the work and have listed our seven favorite low carb beers.

(And yes, they really do taste good.)

Best Keto-Friendly, Low Carb Beers That Taste Good_Sound Brewery

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Corona Premier – Grupo Modelo

Calories: 90 | Carbs: 2.6g | ABV: 4%

When Corona Premier debuted in 2018, it was an immediate hit. Crack open one of these beers, and you will get a whiff of honey and fruit, as well as a wisp of malt. In a glass, the light amber is welcoming and clear. As expected, there is little head and no film or lacing. Corona Premier is smooth going down. Overall, this is one beer that is surprisingly balanced. The sweetness plays well with the clean finish.

With less calories and carbs than Corona Light—and a lot more flavor—this is one beer that you can drink without feeling guilty. Go on, add that signature lime, too.

DayTime IPA – Lagunitas Brewing Company

Calories: 98 | Carbs: 2.0g | ABV: 4%

DayTime was re-released in 2019 with an updated recipe that has enhanced the flavor of the brewing within increasing the calories or the alcohol content. You get the characteristics of a genuine Indian Pale Ale without the typical calories or carbs. For the drinker, that tends to mean a satisfying drink in a wonderful pour.

The aroma is light and grassy, but the flavor is one of tropical fruits, grapes, and citrus. There is a slightly bitter taste that vanishes quickly, leaving behind malty goodness. It’s not a complex beer, making it ideal for drinking poolside or throughout the day.

Slightly Mighty – Dogfish Head Brewing Company

Calories: 95 | Carbs: 3.6g | ABV: 4%

Called a “lo-cal IPA” by Dogfish Head, Slightly Mighty is a brew that can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those on a keto or low carb diet. What drinkers love most, though, is that this actually feels like cracking open a real beer. There is light carbonation and even a head. The amber color looks richer than most light beers. You get a nice surprise when it hits the tongue, too. Slightly Mighty is delicately tropical, hinted with hops, and even has some bitterness with the finish.

If you love a faintly sweet beer with hints of mango and monk fruit, then Slightly Mighty is a great beer to sample. Just don’t blame us if you get hooked!

Gold Light Lager – Saint Archer Brewing Company

Calories: 95 | Carbs: 2.6g | ABV: 4.2%

Gold Light is produced by a brewing company that is made up of free spirits—musicians, surfers, skateboarders, artists, and athletes. In other words, people that don’t like being weighed down. What does that mean for this beer? Gold Light is just that—liquid sunshine in a can. It is brewed like Helles lagers and has a crisp finish, but it is far less carb-heavy than your traditional lager.

The flavors are slightly herbal or floral with a cracker-like aftertaste that dissolves into malt. There is a pleasant balance between bitterness and dryness, rounding out the sipping experience.

Best Keto-Friendly, Low Carb Beers That Taste Good_Sound Brewery

Amstel Light – Amstel Brewery

Calories: 95 | Carbs: 5.0g | ABV: 3.5%

A favorite from the Netherlands! Amstel Light has been popular for a while now, even before keto diets were a thing. For a light lager, this beer is bubbly yet smooth, well-rounded and clear. You get a great balance between the grassier notes with some sweetness. The beer also tastes good with just about anything, so you can enjoy your low carb meals alongside a fantastic lager.

With a lower alcohol content than others on this list, you can also knock back a few without any fear of getting too tipsy.

Budweiser Select – Anheuser-Busch

Calories: 99 | Carbs: 3.1g | ABV: 4.3%

Here is a classic brand that continues churning out some respectable brews for your low carb lifestyle. Budweiser Select is popular with all kinds of people, just not those on a keto diet, so you won’t have to feel bad about bringing a few cases to the holiday get-together. It is refreshing and affordable—a great plus. There is not a lot of carbonation or head, but it makes up for that with its flavor profile. You can taste some caramel amid the malt, and that accents the floral notes of the hops. It is neither watery or thick, just smooth and drinkable.

There is another version called Budweiser Select 55 that is even lighter. If you want fewer calories and carbs, try that one. Be warned that it cuts out some flavor as well.

Michelob Ultra Amber – Anheuser-Busch

Calories: 95 | Carbs: 3.2g | ABV: 4%

Not to be confused with other Michelob Ultra variants, this beer is true to its name. In a glass, Michelob Ultra Amber has a pleasing mahogany tint that looks as decadent as it tastes. Yet, it is surprisingly low in carbs and contains a decent amount of alcohol per serving.

Depending on your flavor preferences, you may either absolutely adore this beer or steer clear from it. The malt is dark-roasted, and there is a lingering mineral water taste, as well as scents of toast, caramel, herbs, and hops. Give it a try.

Who said going keto and low carb was hard? Pick up any of these seven beers and give them a try. You are bound to find an amazing beer that fits into your lifestyle.